Top Ten key Strategies to Help you Succeed in the UPSC Interview Round

Embarking on the journey towards the final stage of getting g your dream job! The UPSC interview needs a strategic mixture of confidence, humility, and composure. As you navigate the challenging landscape of the Personality Test, recall that the UPSC interview is not just an evaluation of your knowledge; rather it is a profound exploration of your character. Here are ten vital tips to manual you through this pivotal stage:

1. Maintain the Right Sitting Posture:

Sit in the back of the chair with the last vertebra of your back touching the chair's nook. This not only exudes self-belief but also allows proper oxygen float, making sure to articulate responses.

2. Pay Attention to Your Body Language:

Keep fidgeting at bay, and don’t use immoderate hand gestures. Hold your tie with poise and hold a peaceful and composed demeanour for the duration, portraying a strong and collected presence.

3. Follow Proper Etiquette for Entering and Leaving:

Seek permission, greet the panel head, and ask to sit down upon entering the room. When leaving, use specific gratitude personally to every member, retaining palms off the table and warding off needless fidgeting.

4. Dress Smartly:

Choose attire wisely. For men, a buttoned collar and a well-dealt tie are essential. Women ought to pay attention to saree-pallu or dress-dupatta to avoid pain. A smart appearance makes a good impression on others.

5. Polite Responses to Questions:

Respond with a humble tone. Use terms like "I beg to vary, sir" or "I believe that " as opposed to a simple "No, sir." This conveys respect and humility.

6. Take Your Time:

If you want a moment, politely request it. Phrases like "just a second" or "I might need a little time to collect my thoughts on this one, sir" are very suitable.

7. Avoid Repetitive Phrases:

Steer clear of useless repetition like "I don't know precisely, but I think..." Speak confidently and at once to avoid sounding uncertain.

8. Continue Speaking:

After providing a solution, do not stop all of a sudden. Keep speaking till a follow-up question or till you believe you have effectively the subject.

9. Avoid Loaded Questions:

Stay composed and diplomatic, especially whilst confronted with loaded questions. Refrain from making negative or biased statements, showcasing your capacity to navigate sensitive issues.

10. Be Mindful of Your Hobbies and Interests:

During the interview, be selective of your pursuits and pastimes. Listing too many would possibly lead to a trap in the course of the interview.


In conclusion, the UPSC interview is a check on candidates' personality. Your demeanour, posture, and responses hold the key to creating a positive and lasting impression. By adhering to those ten suggestions, you pave the way for success in the final level of the civil services exam. Remember, self-assurance, humility, and composure are your greatest allies during the UPSC interview.


Best of luck with your preparation!