“Empower yourself to that extent 

So that before every destined act

God himself asks 

What is it that you desire or wish for!” (Iqbal)

Preparing for one of the toughest examinations, commonly known as UPSC civil services, one needs a lot of dedication and determination to crack this examination. Keeping into consideration the tough competition at every stage of examination, every aspirant gets de-motivated and sometimes de-moralized too. So staying positive and motivated at the lowest ebb is a quintessential part of this preparation.

Motivation and a positive attitude don’t come from external sources, rather you have to lay down their foundation within the inner domain itself. An external stimulus doesn't last long because extraneous forces are not organic to withhold you for longer times. You need to recognize your innate wild potential to set the sails for higher spirits to achieve your goals.

Being positive is a matter of attraction, if you attract positivity towards you, positive forces surround you from all sides. When pessimism traverses down your spine, your ability to give your cent per cent dwindles and with the passage of time, you feel yourselves in no man’s land. The moot point is, positivity brings motivation and motivation makes you passionate about your goal.

We know that the UPSC preparation is a back-breaking and cumbersome task, but at the same time, the reward is great. Being an IAS officer is in itself a greater achievement. When you feed your brain with the rewarding concept, every time your adrenaline will rush to give you an extra boost and passion to work harder and more effectively.

 A positive mind setup unshackles your soul from the fetters of ignorance and leads you towards self-realization. This provides a path towards productivity, forbearance, and striving power towards excellence. Being an IAS aspirant, self-realization is important to relinquish oddities that deter you from giving your best. It lets you come out of your comfort zones and guides you towards the cause of achieving the greater feat.

The fundamental stipulation for motivation and a positive mindset is to strategize your UPSC Preparation process with a disciplined approach. Make the strategy that suits you much better, as borrowed market strategy will confuse you in the long run. With a disciplined and flexible strategy, UPSC preparation becomes bliss, rather than a liability or boring experience.

Below are some tips that will boost your motivation and keep you positive during the whole process of UPSC Preparation.

1:  Don't isolate yourself, make some good friends with similar aptitudes. We at provide you with a social platform for that.

2:  Optimize your time and eradicate the harmful behaviours and habits that lead to procrastination, unproductivity, and daydreaming. 

3:  Be calm and calculative don't let anything untoward transgress your mind and soul.

4:  Train your mind with self-motivation and strengthen it with the inner positive forces

5:  Stay away from friends or fellow aspirants, who are non-serious.

6:  Read the stories of successful UPSC aspirants on regular basis.

7:  Be proactive and productive just by eliminating the factors that put you in limbo.

8:  Try to see good in everything and learn your lessons from every frailty, never repeat your wrongs, and learn and move forward.

9:  Have good sleep, a good diet, and a healthy lifestyle.

10:  Enjoy your studies, take intermittent breaks, and stop thinking too much.

            A positive mind creates an environment of confidence, hope, passion, and energy. Nothing can beat an optimistic mindset, with a free and open mental structure there is always a scope and tendency towards excellence and success. No matter what circumstances prevail, one has to always bear in mind that nothing lasts forever, not even life, so why worry about mundane things? Positivity instils hope and Charisma and nulls fear. In nutshell the UPSC aspirant should always be positive about his preparation process and forget everything else, success will knock on one's door if the effort is free of fear and fright.