How to start UPSC preparation at home without coaching

The UPSC examination stands as the toughest examination in India, renowned for its vast syllabus. Achieving excellence in this exam is a source of immense pride for the candidates. Throughout the annals of UPSC success stories, one recurring theme has perpetually emphasized the importance of commencing preparation well in advance. For those embarking on the journey of UPSC preparation from the very foundation, you have fortuitously arrived at the precise resource. Stay with us until the culmination of this blog as we unveil an array of invaluable strategies to augment your preparation meticulously.

Prepare yourself mentally

If you have gone through the IAS success stories, you will know that UPSC aspirants need immense dedication and perseverance to prepare for the examination. Therefore, as you prepare for one of the most reputed examinations in the country, you have to dedicate yourself to building yourself for the examination. You must isolate a significant chunk of your time daily to prepare for the exam. 

To do so, essentially, you should foremost have an understanding of the syllabus. The syllabus will help you create schedules that will aid your preparation. You will get time to prepare all the subjects equally. Make realistic UPSC studying strategies and set goals daily. Analyzing the exam pattern will help you to pass the exams with flying colours.

Choosing study materials

A UPSC aspirant can obtain many online and offline study materials. However, it is essential to choose the right study material for the examination. You can go through our guide on the required study materials for the examination. 

You can also view video lectures from candidates who have passed the examination to understand what to expect in the examinations. You can also download useful educational mobile applications that will keep you updated with current affairs and provide relevant information on UPSC.

Preparation for the examination

The UPSC examination can be divided into prelims, mains and interview round. The exam preparation can be further divided into general studies, current affairs, optional subjects and interview rounds.

General studies form a significant chunk of the UPSC syllabus. It requires understanding the concepts and investing maximum time to complete the syllabus. 

Next comes preparation for current affairs. Knowledge of the latest developments in the most important sectors nationally and internationally is crucial. You can spend an hour daily with newspapers and magazines to expand your knowledge. 

Choosing the optional subjects is essential as well. They help in determining the final marks of the candidate. Consider your educational background and area of interest while deciding on your optional exam subjects. 

The interview round is the last round of the examination, where the panel members analyze the candidate's logical reasoning, quick wit, and knowledge of the subjects. As you prepare for the examination, do not forget to polish your communication skills. You can practice speaking in front of a mirror and indulge in public speaking sessions. There are numerous videos online which can help you to improve your communication skills. 

Writing skills

Improving writing skills is one of the most underrated strategies for UPSC preparation. As you are supposed to write subjective answers in your Mains examinations, strong writing skills are crucial. You have to write the answers logically, concisely and clearly. You can improve your writing skills while reading. 

Pay attention to the writing published in newspapers and magazines and incorporate them in writing the answers. Practising makes writing perfect. Avoid using too many useless technical terms and generalized data. 

Preparation for the UPSC examination at ground zero can seem daunting, but you must start strategically. Hopefully, this guide was able to clear some of your doubts. Please do not shy away from seeking help from a mentor, as they will help provide unique tips and tricks that can aid you to pass the examination with flying colours.