A Detailed Guide On How To Write An Introduction For Essay In The UPSC Examination

 While watching a movie, you might have noticed that the introduction plays the most important role, it makes the audience hooked to the storyline. Similarly, the introduction for the essay in your UPSC examination holds vital significance as well. 

The UPSC examination is one of the most prestigious examinations in India. Thousands of candidates write the examination each year. You cannot leave any stone unturned while preparing for the UPSC examination. Experts often notice candidates writing a weak essay introduction which comes at the cost of their marks. 

It is important to understand that your essay introduction should be strong and provide a comprehensive analysis of the content the examiner should expect in the coming paragraphs. It should be well-crafted and spark curiosity in the reader's mind. 

If you wish to know what an ideal essay introduction should look like, stick to the end of the article as we share some tips and tricks.

How should you write your essay introduction?

An ideal essay introduction should consist of 120-150 words. It caters to three main conditions, sparking interest for the readers, should be relevant to the given topic, and should concisely and communicate your opinions. 

Some tips that you can incorporate in your introduction are as follows

  1. Weave your introduction around a story. For example, if the topic consists of health reforms in India, you can create fictitious characters struggling with the present health reforms of our country. It has been psychologically proven that the human mind is more drawn toward a story. You can also narrate an anecdote related to the question asked. However, keep it concise and not go astray from the given topic. 

  1. You can include an interesting fact/ statistic, a question or a relevant quote. Including these will help spark curiosity in the minds of the readers or provoke thoughts, engaging the readers in the process. 

  1. You can also try another time-tested method of writing the essay, i.e., giving context to the given essay topic. If you follow this technique, then you will have access to a wide range of topics that you can use to begin your essay with. 

You can include recent legislation, recurring current affairs and government schemes pertaining to your topic. However, this technique often comes across as news reporting as you will share the information already known by the reader. It often fails to spark curiosity or engage the audience and should be used as the last retort. 

You can also begin your essay by defining the terms of the essay. This technique is generally used in GS papers; therefore, if you incorporate this technique in your essay paper, make sure it does not appear as cliched or bland as marks in the essay paper are given for flow, ability to write effective arguments and coherence.

  1. Another popular method usually recommended by toppers and experts is by opening the essay with a thesis statement. A thesis statement is defined as a statement that usually showcases your stand on the topic. The remainder of the essay includes evidence or reasoning to persuade the reader to understand your claim's logic.

Bottom line

Now there you go; hopefully, the article elucidates on how to write an engaging essay introduction for your UPSC examination. We understand that acing the essay paper can be quite a task; however, with little persistence, correct strategy and a steady approach, you can achieve good marks quickly. 

Ensure your essay introduction is well-written and provides a window to the content that lies ahead. You can start your introduction with a quote, or anecdote, providing current news on the topic or explaining the given keywords. Providing a thesis statement is usually recommended during practice but avoided during the final examination. 

Experts always suggest that the hallmark of writing an excellent introduction to an essay includes engaging the readers and sparking curiosity within them.